7/5/08: After four days at Farwell Bend we traveled westward to Unity Lake State Park where we spent four days.  While at Farewell Bend the wind blew most days and I didn't get a chance to get the boat into the water - probably would have ended up in Idaho if I had!  Did do a little fishing along the bank but did not catch anything.  At Unity I did get the boat in the water and caught a few nice rainbow trout.  The wind was a problem two of the days.  Managed to swamp the boat the first day in the water due to waves coming over the transom - fortuntely, it was tied up at the time.

Made a day trip over to Baker City and had lunch with Len's cousin and his wife.  Always good to see them again.  

From Unity we headed on to Magone Lake for two weeks.  Friends Tom & Mary from Pendleton joined us soon after we arrived.  Then a few days later the gang from Lebanon began to arrive and we all had a great time with them.  We thawed out about 15 pounds of Louisiana red fish and a few pounds of shrimp and we had a big fish fry one evening with nearly the entire campground showing up - 38 people if I counted correctly!  The following day we had a great potluck with the Lebanon gang and, as usual, ate too much.

Fishing was great for 9-11 inch rainbows.  We managed to catch over two dozen in a couple of hours.  Only kept a couple that were over 12 inches.  Great fun!!

From Magone we headed south to Chickahominy Reservoir for a few days with Ton & Mary.  Fishing was slow there so only stayed four days as the weather was getting quite warm.  We parted company with Tom & Mary on June 27th and headed for our house near Madras where we still remain - completing yet another trip to Louisiana for the winter.

6/1/08:  Back to Oregon at Farewell Bend State Park about 25 miles north of Ontario, Oregon.  Will stay here for 3-4 days.

Farewell Bend State Park

5/30/08:  We took a ride up the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway this morning.  Here are a couple of panoramic views along the way:

About twenty miles east of Glenns Ferry

If you look closely you can see several

springs about half way up the canyon wall


5/29/08:  We left Blue Mesa Memorial Day and traveled to a wayside along US 6 near Wellington, UT.  This was a site listed in the "Overnight RV Parking" web site and was just so-so.  Trucks were running out of a nearby coal mine all night long.  Don't think I would recommend this site to anyone!

From there we continued on to the Ogden area where we stayed at the Hill AFB FamCamp for two nights.  While there I took a quick tour of the Hill AFB Museum.  Loads of static displays to see.

We left Hill AFB this morning and traveled to Glenns Ferry, ID.  Found a reasonably nice Passport America park here and we are the only ones in it at the moment.  Plan to stay here for three nights and tour the local area.  We stopped at Twin Falls on the way in and drove down to have a look at Shoshone Falls on the Snake River.  Quite a site to see:

Shoshone Falls

5/24/08:  Still at Blue Mesa Lake sitting in a holding pattern until the holiday weekend is over.  Took a ride to the North Rim of the Black Canyon National Park.  Incredible scenery in this very deep and narrow canyon.  Called the Black Canyon due to so little light getting into the narrow section - mostly in shadow all day.  It was all in shadow when we went due to rain, hail, sleet and snow.  Took several photos but with poor lighting none are really worth sharing.  

5/21/08:  It was up, up and over Monarch Pass yesterday.  Quite a climb to 11,400 feet and then away we go on the other side!!  It is several miles of 6% grade with lots of turns down to 35mph on both sides of the pass.  Very scenic drive though.

Arrived at the Elk Creek Campground about 3:00PM and got all set up and discovered the refrigerator was not working.  Fiddled a bit with it some and then called it quits for the night because there was a flame in the burner, it just was not cooling properly.  This morning, no flame at all from the burner so fired up the generator and let it run for about three hours to see if it would cool on AC power - sure enough - it did.  Took the cover off of the burner assembly and cleaned it good and it now seems to be working fine (after I made an appointment to have it checked).

Took a ride down the river this afternoon to look at the scenery.  Here are a few of the photos:

Blue Mesa Lake

Below Blue Mesa Dam - Gunnison River

Below Morrow Point Dam - Gunnison River

Cimarron River dumping into Gunnison River

Dillon Pinnacles

Narrow Gauge RR

5/19/08:  From Fort Supply we headed north to Cimarron, Kansas for a short visit with old Navy friends.  Jim and I had served together in Vietnam and managed to stay in touch all these years - the only person I have managed to stay in contact with from Vietnam.  Stayed for two days and then headed west into Colorado where we have stopped near Royal Gorge just west of Pueblo.  Took the ride into the park owned by Canon City this morning.  Well worth the visit and admission was half off for military!  The park is the home of the worlds highest suspension bridge at just over 1000 feet above the Arkansas River.  Lots of history in the area.  Here are a few photos of the area:

Mountain View RV Park

John F. Kennedy Mountain

Royal Gorge1

Royal Gorge 2

Royal Gorge Bridge

Royal Gorge 4

Royal Gorge Bridge from the River

Incline Railway

Arkansas River

Arkansas River

Incline Railway

Royal Gorge




5/14/08:  I (Len) left Grand Isle on April 30th and traveled to Bayou Segnette State Park near New Orleans.  Dear friends Ron and Kay came down from New Orleans the 29th and drove the car back the New Orleans for me.  Sylvia returned on May 1st and we had a couple of days to relax in New Orleans (including a lunch with Ron and Kay in Lafitte) before departing on May 4th.  We traveled to Kinder, LA and stayed at the Coushatta casino for a couple of days.  

From Coushatta we headed west into Texas for two nights at a really nice city park in San Augustine.  Sleepy little town but a very nice RV park with full hookups.  From there, it was on the Lindale, TX for a few days with old friends from Oregon.  They have just recently moved to Lindale from Oklahoma City and are getting settled in quite well.  They have a house on a small lake and the large mouth bass are plentiful!  Had a wonderful visit with them before moving on to Oklahoma City for a few days.  

We had planned to stay at the city park in Purcell but they had closed it for a boat race the following weekend.  Looks like another nice city park here also and we will keep it in mind for future stops.  We departed Oklahoma City this morning and made all of 160 miles to Fort Supply Lake where we are staying in the Corps of Engineers campground.

4/26/08:  Here I sit weathering away to nothing without Sylvia here to feed and care for him for the last week and a half!  Actually, it has not been too bad.  Have been invited out for dinner several times so the cooking has been somewhat limited to a few quick meals.  Have actually been quite busy playing with the computer this past week.  Decided to install a new (Linux) operating system on my laptop.  To do this I had to install a new partition on the hard drive and ended up corrupting the existing Windows installation.  Ended up having to go all the way back to the original (recovery) version of Windows.  Fortunately, I had backed up most of my data - just forgot to backup email and bookmarks so have had to revert to an older backup of them.  Regardless, it has taken several days of installing programs, downloading programs and such.  PLUS, getting the Linux operating system working with everything I want is an ongoing challenge.

I have several new photos of Dalaina and here are a few of them:

4/14/08:  Sylvia is all set to fly back to Oregon tomorrow to help out with our new grand daughter.  Dalaina Carol was born Friday morning five days before schedule - guess she just couldn't wait any longer!  Sylvia had planned to be there for the delivery but will now be a little late.  Mom and baby are now home and doing fine.  Here are some photos of Dalaina, Mom and big sister Emelia:

Sylvia will be gone for two weeks leaving me here to fend for myself.  She will return on May 1st and a few days later we will begin our journey back to the north country.  We had planned to go up the eastern part of the country and into Canada but with the price of fuel going so high we are going to go a more direct route up through north Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and then Oregon.  Will take our time and try to avoid all the weather they are experiencing lately.

Perhaps the long dry spell (for fishing) is coming to an end.  Caught a nice big Redfish this afternoon.  Had been sitting on the beach with four rods in the water and I fell asleep in the warm afternoon sunshine.  When I woke (just a few seconds later, I am sure) one pole was nearly bent double with a 43" and 28 pounder.  Of course now that I have spoken, I am probably sure to catch nothing for the next week!  Here are a few photos of the latest (the black drum was caught last week).

Big Red

Small Black Drum

My Latest Fishing Buggy


4/4/08:  Been a while since I updated this page but not really that much happening since our son left us.  We remained in New Orleans for a full week before returning to Grand Isle.  Had a couple of nice evenings with our friends Ron & Kay who live just outside New Orleans.  Ron cooked a great beef roast on his "Big Green Egg" BBQ and it turned out fantastic.  

We spent two weeks at the State Park and then moved over to Butch & Betty's for the Easter weekend.  The park filled up that week with spring break here in Louisiana.  Plus the weather is warming up considerably and more and more weekenders are showing up.  After the week at Butch & Betty's we returned to the park were we remain.

Fishing has been only fair.  Catching fish but not like earlier in the year.  Another fellow from Maine and I have been spending time on the beach together and we got into the black tip sharks one day and landed nearly a dozen - unfortunately all were too small to keep (36-40").  Lots of fun catching them though.  Did get a large black drum at the Sand Dollar Marina a few nights ago - about 30 pounds of fish also provides for some fun!

The work on Katrina repairs is still continuing here at the park.  It surprises me how slow it is going.  They started on one of the bathroom building (west end of the park) last year when we were leaving in February and they are STILL working on it.  The fishing pier has been rebuilt to the edge of the water but they have not been able to get the equipment in to replace all the remaining pilings out in the water.  Twice they have managed to get a barge with crane stuck on the sand bar.  The crabbing dock has been rebuilt but still no electric to the fish cleaning station.  They have a new (and permanent) park manager here now and he seems to have his act together so things might begin to move a little faster although I am not sure how much he can influence the contractors.

Never having stayed here this late before, we are surprised at how many flowers are blooming.  Very colorful! And the blue bonnets are all over town!  Here are a few photos:

3/4/08:  After a week at Grand Isle with out son we packed up and traveled to Bayou Segnette State Park just outside of New Orleans.  Couldn't have our son come all the way down here and not see a little of New Orleans.  Kept pretty busy for four days before putting him on the plane yesterday.  

Spent one day on the North Shore of Lake Ponchartrain with a tour of an alligator farm and ranch near Abita Springs.  Very interesting tour and you get to feed them as well as hold them (up to four feet).  Had a nice lunch in Madisonville before returning to New Orleans via Slidel.  Here are a few photos taken at the "ranch".

The 4 footer we got to "play" with

Here he is again

One scared mouse

Son with the 4 footer

(the one he is sitting on is stuffed)

We also spent two days in New Orleans walking through the French Quarter as well as a buggy ride.   Also took the St. Charles Street Trolley out to the end of the line where we had dinner at one of the local bars.  Had to take a cab back to Canal street as all of the trolleys were running (almost) on top of each other.  We waited 45 minutes and no trolley in sight and then found four of them about 3 minutes apart near Canal Street.

Took a ride up the river for a tour of the Laura Plantation.  We had toured this one before and really enjoyed it as more of a working plantation than most others.

2/27/08:  Picked up our son at the New Orleans airport on the 21st and have been trying our best to catch a few nice fish.  Seems like he no sooner arrived and the fishing turned bad.  Here are a few of the fish we managed to catch - just wish there had been a few more.

Big Redfish

Another big Redfish

Mark's Big Redfish

We had an opportunity to go for a sailboat ride Sunday morning with the one and only Captain Andy.  He has a new (to him) 40 foot boat and loves to take people for a ride.  Sylvia and I had gone with him a few years ago on his 30 foot boat and we really enjoyed it.  This time on an even larger boat was even better.  Convinced me (Len) that I could really enjoy life on a sailboat just as much as the RVing.  Would even be a little more economical using the wind instead of fuel.  Our son really enjoyed the trip also.  Lots of dolphins swimming around the boat made for an even more enjoyable time.  Here are a few photos from the ride (Fort Livingston is an old Civil War era fort that has been abandoned for years.  The pirate Jean Lefitte used to use the island - Grand Terre - as a warehouse):

Captain Andy

Happy Ours

Mark & Mom


Fort Livingston

After our boat ride we returned to the campground and I began cooking a LARGE batch of spare ribs and pork loin for fellow campers and about eight couples who we have befriended here at Grand Isle.  We had over 30 people show up and we all ate to much!  Great seeing everyone again.

2/14/08:  We departed Matagorday on the 12th and traveled east to Lake Charles where we spent the night at Sam Houston Jones State Park.  Heavy rain from Beaumont, TX to Lake Charles - gave the vehicles a good rinse after all the salt environment at Matagorda.  Spent one night in Lake Charles and then on to Grand Isle the next day.  Great to be back and looking forward to spending time with old friends.

Got my fishing gear together this afternoon and after only ten minutes on the beach caught a 29" redfish and then thirty minutes later a 20" on the same pole.  Welcome back!!

2/4/08:  Weather has improved somewhat and am now able to get in some fishing.  Still not catching anything but fishing at least.

Did catch a CAT fish last night though..................

As most of you know, we have two cats (Kinky & Tex) that often are tethered outside on a 10 foot lead.  The last few days I have been fishing along the bank of the river directly behind the trailer.  Both of them have literally begged to join me near the river and seemed to enjoy themselves. 

When I ventured out to the small pier not far from the trailer they again meowed relentlessly until I brought them onto the pier.  I had had them there twice during daylight hours and they seemed to enjoy being there.  Last night I rigged some lights on the pier and was doing some night fishing.  Again they "asked" to join me so I returned to the trailer and got Tex along with his lead and took him to the pier.  Hooked him up to the railing and returned to the trailer for Kinky.  Got back to the pier and Tex was walking around seeming to enjoy himself while I hooked up Kinky.  No sooner did I have her hooked up when I hear "splash - paddle paddle"!

Pulled him up by the lead and he was fine.  Wet but fine.  Needless to say, no more cats on the pier!  Biggest thing I have caught so far though!

Fortunately the weather has warmed up and we were able to give him a bath and get the salt water off of him.  He probably enjoyed the swim better than the bath!

1/31/08:  Been here at Matagorda nearly three weeks now.  Weather has not been cooperative but we have still managed to enjoy the area.  Fishing has been very slow (meaning I have not caught anything).  Most days it is not fit to be out fishing anyway.

Friends from Ontario (David & Sara) stopped by for a few days last week plus another couple from Ontario rode their motorcycles up from Rockport Sunday.  Had a great visit with everyone!  Took a ride to Palacios with David and Sara last week and enjoyed lunch at the old Blessing Hotel.  This is a 100 year old hotel that serves a buffet lunch everyday for $8.  Instead of steam tables for keeping things hot, they use old wood cook stoves that (I assume) have been modified to gas heat to keep everything warm.

1/17/08:We spent two weeks in Hondo, TX at the Escapee RV Park and, as usual, enjoyed seeing old friends and good eating.  Replaced our air conditioner shrouds that we damaged in California and accomplished a few other repairs that needed to be done.  

Left Hondo on the 12th and headed eastward (and a little south) to Matagorda, TX where we are camped at the three year old Matagorda Bay RV Park located where the (Texas) Colorado River empties into the Gulf of Mexico.  Weather has not been cooperative with wind and rain have put a damper on fishing.