7/16/06:  Our hosting job for 2006 is now officially OVER!  The new hosts arrived Tuesday and we had completed the turnover by Friday.  Looks like they will do a fine job here.  Overall, the last two months have been quite nice for us with very few problems arising.  As it stands now we DO plan to come back next spring if the Forest Service wants us back.  With all the friends we have made here over the years is just would not seem right not to be here to see them again next year.

Our friends Glendon & Eleanor from Baton Rouge arrived here at the lake yesterday.  Really a pleasure to have them travel so far for a visit.  We expect they will want to stay for a week or more so we plan to stay with them for the time being.  It is nice to be here at our favorite lake and not be "working".  Fish all I want, sleep all I want, drink all I want, etc., etc.

6/11/06:  I have been a little tardy in getting this site updated.  Please excuse the delay as it seems we have been VERY busy the last few weeks.  I will attempt to catch things up in a few short paragraphs.  

We stayed in Lebanon about a week visiting friends and our son.  From there we headed to the Portland area where we found a new park near Oregon City.  Clackamette Park sits right on the edge of the Willamette River just above where the Clackamas River flows in.  Nothing fancy but it is nice right on the river.  Fishermen were pulling in salmon every day there.  We had a great visit with Len's sister, nephews, cousins and brother-in-law.  Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for visits with Len's mom.  She suffers from Alzheimer's, severe hearing loss and poor vision so she seldom recognizes us when we visit.  

From Portland we returned to our home in Madras where we found we had some severe septic issues and had to undertake significant repairs - a very nice job indeed!  We spent a little over a week there and had some quality time with old neighbors catching up on all the local issues.  We were very surprised at all the development going on - literally hundreds of new homes popping up all over.  Even our "back yard" - 270 acres of open land - is now populated with houses on 2.5 acre lots!  No more privacy there.  

We left Madras on the 15th of May and returned to our hosting "job" at Magone Lake (you can see a little of Magone Lake at http://www.magonelake.com).  The weather here that first week was WONDERFUL with temperature in the high 70s.  It did not last long though - for Memorial Day weekend it was so cold with rain, snow and sleet the campers were only staying one night and packing up.  We did have a few old friends (regulars) who braved the weather and we enjoyed the weekend.  Special thanks to Andy, Tom, Gary & Frank for all the help in getting in about 7 cords of campfire wood!

This week has been the "Lebanon Crowd" week.  All our friends and Magone regulars come at this time every year for a week of fun, food and fishing - well some of them don't do a lot of fishing but make up for it with the other options.  Our old campground host, Betty Jo, also made the trip down from Walla Walla, Washington today - thanks to Jerry & Judy who traveled from the Tacoma area to give her a ride.

Friday found us frying up a batch of walleye brought by our friends from Kettle Falls (who we met in Louisiana three years ago).  They had caught some nice ones on Lake Roosevelt and donated them for a wonderful feast.  Thanks Al & Jeanie - oh, and Bill too (who donated his catch tot he pot but did not come down)!

Yesterday brought out another feast with a potluck for the whole campground.  We deep fried a turkey and everyone else provided the trimmings!  What a feast.  And then leftovers tonight!!!!  Are we getting fat yet??

Fishing has not been as good this year as in previous years.  Still catching plenty but it just takes a little longer.  Not sure if it is the weather affecting them or what.  It usually slows down in July when the temperature starts to warm up but never has it been this slow this soon.  Perhaps it was the warm weather in May that did it.

Here a few photos from today's leftover potluck and a little visitor.

Betty Jo the previous host

The Potluck

Western Tangier

4/30/06:  We had a great week on the Oregon coast.  Weather was pretty nice for the Oregon Coast this time of year.  Never did catch any keeper crabs from the pier but an old friend (Len's best man at our wedding) lives in Bandon and was kind enough to bring out a boat and we had a couple of pretty good days with a total of 22 dungeness crabs that yielded nearly 8 pounds of meat.

From Bandon we headed inland to Lebanon where we are "camped" on our friends Dee & Darlene's driveway for a few days.  They are part of the wonderful Lebanon crowd that visits Magone at least once every year.  Great to see them once again.  Most of the crowd meets every morning at a local restaurant for breakfast.  I (Len) joined them twice last week for a great breakfast and camaraderie.  We are also close to our son and his family in Albany about 15 miles from here so we have had a great visit with them this past week.  Had the grand kids out three nights for sleep overs which they always enjoy.  Grandson Chase even joined me and the "guys" for breakfast one morning.

The boat rack on the truck found yet another point to break while we were on the coast.  When we arrived here I took it back to the place that originally built it and they are rebuilding the entire front end of the unit.  Actually replacing the stock bumper with HEAVY duty unit fabricated from heavy channel iron.  Hopefully, this will cure all the problems we have had.  If not, well........

Yesterday we took a day trip to Silver Falls State Park near Stayton.  Sylvia and I had never been there and we were quite impressed with the waterfalls and other scenery.  There are over eight miles of trails that provide access to all of the waterfalls.  Here are a few of the waterfalls:

4/18/06:  Arrived at a nice State Park just north of Bandon yesterday.  Spent the day on the downtown pier with crab nets.  Caught lots of crabs but none big enough to keep (legally).  There has been a LOT of rain the last few days and the bay is full of fresh, muddy water that I am sure the crabs do not care for.  A few more dry days and things should be looking up!

Here are a few photos of the Bandon area:

Bandon Beach

More Bandon Beach

And More Bandon Beach

Bandon (Coquille) Lighthouse

4/14/06:  We have had a great visit here with our daughter, hubby and grand daughter.  Sylvia has been baby sitting all week and enjoying the time with her.  Of course Len has had a few great moments as well.  We had planned to go to the coast for the weekend but (1) the weather is expected to be very wet and (2) Don could not get two days off (and it is hard to justify a 300 mile trip for only two nights.  Instead we decided to remain here in the Medford area through the weekend and head for the coast on Monday morning.

4/8/06:  We left Fallon Thursday and traveled northwest to the Cave Forest Service campground about half way between Reno and Medford.  One night there and then on to Medford where we are now.  We will remain here for about a week before heading over to the coast for some crabbing.  

While at Cave I discovered one of the jacks on the camper had failed and a new crack has appeared on the boat rack.  Guess we can't complain too much when one considers how may miles we pull this thing every year (over 8000 since we left Magone last August).  

We plan to stay here for a week or so and visit with our daughter and her family.  Great seeing the grandkids once again.  

4/3/06:  We spent two nights in Quartzite with our friends Ann & Lloyd from Magone and then headed on north to Pahrump, Nevada for another two nights.  Missed a turn in Las Vegas and had to traverse town on Tropicana Blvd.  Lots of fun pulling a trailer.  Also found a VERY rough railroad crossing just north of Needles on US 95.  So rough some shelves in the rear of the trailer gave way.

From Pahrump we continued on north this morning (along with a good tailwind) to Fallon, Nevada where we are staying at the Naval Air Station campground.  We will get to listen to the fighter jets in the morning I am sure.   Unhooking the trailer this afternoon one of the front jacks decided to fail - again!  This is the fourth time they have failed us.

We will wait here for a couple of days for the weather to break before making a run to Medford area.

Terribles Lakeside RV Resort

3/29/06:  We have enjoyed our week here at the Yuma Proving grounds.  Weather has been nice (mid 80s) until today when it cooled down to the mid 70s.  We re-connected with friends while here.  Our friends John & Donna from Alberta stopped in Yuma for a few days on their way home from Mexico.  Great seeing them once again.  We also visited with friends Gary & Nan (campers from Magone Lake).  We all met at Gary & Nan's for some Gulf Coast shrimp.  Everybody said it was good so guess I am learning how to cook a few things!  Tomorrow we head north to Quartzite for a couple of days.

3/23/06:  From Picacho Peak we continued west to Gila Bend where we stayed four days at the Air Force Auxilary Air Field.  This is an old mobile home housing area that was converted to an RV park several years ago.  Not much for amenities but it is quiet with the exception of the F-16s doing touch and goes during the day.  This time of year the Air Force Academy cadet skydiving team is here doing jump after jump.  Just watching them jump is a thrill.

This morning we continued on west to the Yuma area where we are staying at the Yuma Proving Grounds RV park.  We plan to stay here for about a week and then head north toward the COLD!

3/16/06:  One night in Deming and then on to Benson, Arizona for another night.  Yesterday found us at Picacho Peak State Park north of Tucson.  A couple we met in Colorado last fall are hosting here and invited us to stop for a few days.  Great seeing them again and meeting up with others you have met traveling these back roads is always fun.   We plan to be here until Sunday and then head on to Gila Bend for a few days.  Took a hike through the park yesterday afternoon and found a few flowers blooming - not too many this year due to the extreme dry fall last year.

This morning we drove up to Casa Grande and met our friends from Lebanon (Dee & Darlene) for breakfast.  Had a great visit and all got a little fatter on a great breakfast at Cracker Barrel!  

Yellow Flowers

And Another

Red Cactus

Yellow Cactus

Mesquite Tree

Northeast From Picacho Peak SP

Picacho Peak

Curve-billed Thrasher

Cactus Wren


3/13/06: We departed Alamagordo this morning and traveled west to Deming, New Mexico.  The last three days in Alamagordo were very windy and dusty.  Good time to just hole up and wait it out.  We did manage to get to the local Space History Museum Saturday.  They have quite a nice collection of space related items there from rockets to a shuttle simulator.  Pretty nice museum for only $3.00 admission.  Also a nice view of the valley and White Sands National Monument.

3/10/06: Another trip to White Sands National Monument yesterday did not turn out much better - cold and blowing once again.  We did manage to get a few short hikes in but the picture taking was, again, not very good.  We stopped and talked with one of the rangers about one of the shelters they had erected and he provided some wonderful photos of the monument.  I tried to pick out just  a few to post here but decided to put them all up so that you can see the wonderful scenery here when the weather is nice.  Click here to have a look!  

Today we traveled a few miles north about 30 miles to the Three Rivers Petrolglyph site.  There are over 21,000 glyphs on the 50 acre site.  We walked the trail leading through the highest concentration of them.  Below are a few of the photos I took on this cold and windy day.






3/08/06: From Marfa, TX we headed on west to El Paso where we stayed for four days at the Fort Bliss RV Park.  Have stayed here many times before and it is a very nice park and close to BX and Commisary.  Didn't do too much other than shop while there as I (Len) have had a hard time with allergies and have turned into a minor cold so pretty much just took it easy and played on the computer.  Did take a ride up to the tramway that climbs the mountain above El Paso but found it to be closed on the day we chose to go!  Bummer!

Today we headed northward to Alamagordo, New Mexico.  There appears to be quite a lot to see in this area and will update this page as we see more of the area.  Did take a ride out to White Sands National Monument this afternoon but the wind was blowing so hard it was hard to see anything other than blowing sand.  Hopefully there next few days will improve some.  Here are a few photos I took today - sure looks like a snow storm hit the place!      

Cactus at Visitor Center

Loop Drive


Cottonwood Tree

More Dunes

Root Ball Holds the Sand