3/3/16:   And once again  I am  WAY  behind on updating this page.  Let me try to bring you up to date.....

We stayed at Bayou Jim's at Grand isle until February 26th.  Fishing was only moderately good throughout most of January and February with only limited quantities being caught.  The redfish did pick up in mid February with many being caught by everyone there.  

A visit to the Grand Isle Port Commission (more like a visitor information center) resulted in finding this oyster shell that had grown around an old watch someone had lost.  Interesting!

After leaving Grand Isle we stopped for two days near Lafayette for a visit with my old school mate.  From there it was on to Matagorda , TX for a month at the Matagorda Bay Nature Park.  Friends from Hondo and Utopia came for  a week while we were there and everyone had a great time  except for the fishermen who caught very few fish.   Also made some new friends (as always) while there.  From Matagorda we made our way to Hondo (west of San Antonio) with a stop over in Victoria. From there it was on to Amistad Reservoir near Del Rio where we are now sitting for two days.

Now for a few photos:

Campfire at Matagorda

Buffet at the old Blessing Hotel

Matagorda Sunset

Dinner at the Jade Buffet in Hondo

Sunset Marina on Amistad Reservoir

Amistad Sunset

1/27/16:  Been a while since I updated here but will try to fill in all the blanks.......

We left Grand Isle yesterday and traveled northwest to Lafayette for a short visit with Len's grade & high school friend.  Tomorrow it is on to Texas.

We celebrated Thanksgiving twice, once on the Sunday prior and then again on Thanksgiving day - one fellow staying there works offshore and was gone on Thanksgiving day.  Both "events" were hosted by campground owners Jim & Dena.  Great fun and great food!  Jim and I took Kent & Jan back to Baton Rouge in early December with a freezer full of fish!  
Christmas came quickly and we once again had a great feast hosted by Jim & Dena. 

A few new couples came and went while we were there and I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed the fishing.  We got into the habit of the entire campground going out for diner prior to anyone departure - loads of fun each time.

December saw a slow down with the fishing but we continued to have a great time the entire three months at Grand Isle.  A few days before we left (yesterday) redfish returned to the canal and everyone was catching their limit every day -  in a very short period of time!  Our freezer was packed!

Here are a few of the photos from December and January:

Welcome to Grand Isle

Early Thanksgiving

Early Thanksgiving

Early Thanksgiving

Early Thanksgiving

Early Thanksgiving

Early Thanksgiving

Early Thanksgiving

Farewell Dinner at the El Paso

Steak Dinner by Tiffany & Brian

Steak Dinner King Cake by Tiffany

In December the Friends of Grand Isle (FOGI) held a gumbo cook off at the Bridgeside marina.  Weather was not great but, fortunately, we were under a pavilion.  Some might good Gumbo from many different cooks.....

And now for some FISH photos........


Speckled Trout

Speckled Trout

Look at the mouth on the trout!!!!  Note the two upper "fangs"

11/16/15: Another great day.. I caught three nice redfish and a fellow camper caught two nice flounder.  Also caught eight speckled trout last night.

Pam with some nice flounders


11/13/15:  Two more nice redfish today...... My good friend Kent shows them off - he caught one and I caught the other (or course mine is the bigger of the two! - or at least I think so!). Two more got away.

Kent with some nice redfish

11/12/15:  We have been here two weeks now.  Great seeing old friends again.  I (Len) and our campground owner drove up to Baton Rouge two days ago and brought our old friends Kent & Jan down for a month (at least).  We first met Kent & Jan on our first visit to Grand Isle back in 2000.  Kent can no longer drive so we have to drive the motorhome down here for them.  On the night of their arrival Sylvia cooked a great meal and we feed the everyone in the campground (about ten people). 

I have caught five nice redfish and several speckled trout so far.  Last night was the best for trout with a catch of twenty five.  Lots of fish in the freezer already - along with about fifty pounds of shrimp!  Get ready for the fish fries when we get back to Oregon!  Here a a few shots of the fish:


Speckled Trout

Last Nights Speckled Trout Catch - All 13 to 17 Inches

Closeup of Last Nights Catch

11/1/15:  From Brady we continued south to the Escapee Co-Op RV park near Hondo, TX (where we used to have lot).  We had a great week there visiting with old friends before heading on east during one of the worst storms to hit Texas since last May.  We wanted to get through Houston on a Sunday morning to miss all the traffic.  Not sure if traffic might not have been better than all the rain!  Made it to Katy just west of Houston Saturday afternoon and the rain continued hard all night.  The bayou by the park we stayed rose nearly six feet overnight.  Sunday morning we got through Houston before nine but had to take the loop on the north side of Houston due to Interstate 10 being flooded in downtown Houston.

Made it to Bordeaux Bridge. Louisiana Sunday afternoon and had a great visit with my old grade and high school mate and his wife.  Some great Cajun eating as well.  Tuesday we took a ride down to Jefferson Island near New Iberia for lunch.  Jefferson Island is an old retreat and mansion built by Broadway actor Joseph Jefferson in 1870.  It was built above an old salt dome that had been mined for salt for many years and in the 1980s an oil drilling rig accidentally bored a hole into the mine from the lake above.  The results were disastrous as can be seen here.

Gateway to the Botanical garden

What is left of one of the buildings that was swallowed by the sink hole

We stayed at Poche's RV & Fishing Camp about five miles north of Breaux Bridge.  Great campground surrounding a large fishing pond full of fish (or so they tell me).
Backed up to one of the ponds

The view out the windshield

I have managed to catch a few speckled trout this week but none of any size yet.  As usual, they tell me I should have been here yesterday as "they were really biting then".  Rain all day today (Sunday) so no fishing yet today.

10/16/15:  We left Lamesa on Monday and continued on to Brady, TX where we stayed in Richards Park maintained by the City of Brady.  My (Len's) cousin lives in Brady and we had a great visit.  While there cousin Jack and I took a ride out to Fort Mckavett west of Menard, TX.  Along the way we stooped at an old Spanish mission Presidio de San Saba built in 1757.  At the time it was built it represented the northern most point of Spanish authority.  Here are a few photos of them:

Entry gate into the Presidio

What is left of the wall surounding the mission

Entry gate from the southeast corner showing remains of the structures inside

San Saba River adjacent to the mission

Remains of the Commanding Officers residence

Ruins of one of the enlisted barracks

The school house

Field grade Officer housing

And here are a few photos of an old ghost town of White Oaks north of Corrizozo, NM.  The town is still inhabited but has many old structures.

Old White Oaks School

Old White Oaks School


10/11/15:  We continued on east into Texas this morning stopping for the night in Lamesa, birthplace of two famous cats (Tex and Kinkie).  We found them here nearly 15 years ago.  Just wish we remembered the name of the lady we got them from - would be interesting to stop by and show of the cats!

I downloaded a history of our travels since 2006 and place on a Google Earth page.  Each red dot indicates a place we have stopped for one or more nights.  The eastern portion of the country looks pretty barren but we did do many of those states prior to 2006 when this data starts.

10/9/15:  Ventured about thirty miles south today and visited the Three Rivers Petroglyph area.  Their brochure says there are over 21,000 petroglyphs in this area.  A short one mile round trip hike takes you to hundreds of these.  Here are a few photos:

10/8/2015:  From Camp Verde we headed on eastward with a stop in St. Johns last night and then on the the Valley of Fire Recreation area just west of Carrizozo, NM this morning.  Very nice campground overlooking the Malpais lava flow.  Plan to spend at least three days here exploring before heading on to Texas.  Here are a few photos of our front yard:

10/7/2015:  After a very warm day and night at Topock we continued on to Camp Verde where we spent three days visiting with old friends.  Quite a change in the weather with rain and temperature in the high 60s and low 70s.  We still managed to get in a great visit and a drive to Sedona on Tuesday and got a few photos before the weather turned taking away the sunshine on the magnificent red rock formations around Sedona.  Here are a few photos - the first being a panorama of the Sedona valley.

In the park our friends are staying I found this scuplture carved from wood - thought it worthsharing.

10/3/2015:  We left Mojave this morning and headed east into Arizona.  Got of off I-40 at exit 1 and traveled north about six miles to the Route 66 Golden Shores RV Park.  We are sitting in a site overlooking the Colorado River.

10/1/2015:  We took a drive through the foothills to Bass Lake yesterday.  Once again we were reminded of how dry things are here.  Bass Lake is VERY low as can be seen here:

Along the way we stopped at a wayside day use area with a few feathered friends looking for a handout.

This morning we left Coarsegold and traveled on south to Mojave, California where we are staying at the Spaceport RV Park for two days before heading east into Arizona.

9/28/2015:  From Petaluma we headed southeast to the Yosemite National Park area where we are parked at an Escapees RV Park (Park Sierra) just south of Coarsegold and about 25 miles from the south entrance to the park.  Great RV Park among the foothills of the Sierras with each site carved into the side of the hill and very nicely landscaped - albeit without any water for the vegetation this year.  It is VERY dry around here with many trees in the forest dying.  Here is a photo of the site we are parked in:

Today we took a ride into Yosemite  hitting Glacier Point and Yosemite Valley.  Sad to see the drought hitting this area so bad with all the dead and dying trees.  The weather today was overcast with little sun getting through so not a great day for photos but here are a few:

Yosemite Valley from Glacier Point

9/26/2015:  We left Ferndale the 23rd and continued south to the Petaluma Coast Guard Station at Two Rock west of Petaluma.  Had a great visit with Len's aunt Marge and cousin Kathy and of course Chris, Kathy's hubby.  Was great seeing them all again after close to ten years.  Marge is 92 and still doing pretty well after her move into an assisted living facility that is magnificent!  Almost like being on a cruise ship!

Also got an afternoon and evening with old friends Roy and Lynnette from our Navy days when we lived at Hamilton Air Force Base north of San Francisco.  Roy and Lynnette still live in the area (Rohnert Park) not too far from the old housing we lived in.

Today we headed on south to the Escapee park near Coarsgold, CA not far from Yosemite National Park.  We plan to remain here for a week or so and visit the park a few of those days.  We just hope it cools down some as it was in the mid 90s today when we arrived.  And talk about dry in this part of the country!

9/22/2015:  It has been a long time sitting at home since my last update on this site.  It is not like we havn't been doing anything as we have taken several short trips in around the State of Oregon including the anual gathering at Magone Lake in June.  We have been busy around the house and it seems like we have been very busy. 

Now we are back on the road for the winter and once again enjoying the RV lifestyle we so very much enjoy.  We departed our home near Madras on Wednesday the 16th and traveled south on US 97 to the Klamath Falls area where we spent the night at Collier State Park across the highway from the old Collier Logging Museum.  From there it was on over the mountains to Valley of the Rouge State Park for four days and a great visit with our daughter and her family.

We left Oregon yesterday (Monday) and headed for the California Coast and US 101.  We made it to just south of Eureka to Ferndale and are camping at the Humbolt County Fairgrounds.  We will continue on south tomorrow morning.

The little town of Ferndale is an old Victorinn town with many old and beautiful buildings as you can see in the photos below.