Replacing the lower hinge on a Samsung RF197 refrigerator

Part number: DA61-03230B

Available from: J&J International / 800 627-4368 /


Amazon (Go to and search for the above part number)

I believe this hinge broke when a can of soda fell from an upper shelf and made contact with the hinge.  As you can see in the image below (after replacing the hinge), this hinge is exposed on the inside of the door when it is closed.

We have now broken a SECOND one! Nothing fell off the shelves this time so I am thinking this is a weak link in the design - especially finding it available on Amazon!

Replacement is very simple:
1.  Open the left door
2.  Move the flapper (is that the correct name???) to expose the center hinge mounting screws

3.  Pry the plastic screw covers off - I used a knife.
4.  Remove the two screws.
5.  The upper and lower hinges are now the only thing holding the flapper in place.  These two hinges are slip on hinges.
6.  Gently push upward on the entire flapper assembly and the upper and lower hinges will dis-engage.
7.  The center hinge has a wire routed through it.  Gently pull the wire harness out of the door and unplug the connector. (sorry for the out of focus image).

8.  Place the entire flapper assembly on a flat surface.
9.  Gently pry the plastic insert directly below the hinge out of the flapper.

10.  Pull the old (broken) hinge out and install the new hinge.
11.  Reverse the process to re-install the flapper.
12.  Don't leave soda/beer cans loose on the shelves in the future!