2005 Journal

January finds us at Grand Isle catching fish and having a good time. Len spent several days helping some local friends rebuilding a seawall that was damaged in the two storms last summer. Great friends from Washington (state) spent most of the winter here with us and we both departed the middle of January for a week in New Orleans.

From there we traveled to the Laffayette area where we enjoyed a very colorful Cajun style Mardi Gras. What makes this celebration unique is the practice of groups of people (all men or all women) riding around the countryside gathering ingredients for a community pot of gumbo. Most farmers donate a live chicken to the "collection" and it is donated by throwing it in the air and the revelers must catch the poor thing. Most have been hitting the beer throughout the day so the result is somewhat commical but loads of fun to see.

Also took in some music shows in Unice. They put on a show at the old Liberty Theater that is similar to the Grand Ole Opry, just smaller and Cajun music versus country. Well worth the time.

From there we traveled on to Holy Beach, Louisiana (near the Texas border) and then to Galveston Island and Corpus Christi. From there it was on to the San Antonio area where we once again stayed with friends for over a month. While there some major work was undertaken on the trailer. One of the slide out rails and drive gears had to be replaced and I replaced the axles with ones with hydralic disc brakes. Also replace both the front jacks. Seems like things just keep failing on us!